TopBand: Top Hat Loaded Verticals
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 15:53:24 EDT

John, W1FV, has been using  ~41 foot tall verticals for many years on
80M. They use the top set of guys as the loading and are arranged in a
triangle array with 1/8 wave spacing. John has one of the best 80M
signals on the East Coast. 
He has also developed a feed method to drive all three verticals as one
single "fat" vertical on 160M. His signal on 160M is also outstanding. 

I haven't a clue as to efficiency, feed impedences, radiation
resistances, ground losses, etc. 
So, while the technical discussion rages on, it is interesting to note
that another ham has excellent results with short, top loaded antennas on

73....Carl  KM1H  

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