TopBand: Announcing The Daily DX

Bernie McClenny, W3UR
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 16:29:08 -0800

Announcing the beginning of the new preeminent Internet DX bulletin.
THE DAILY DX, written and produced by Bernie McClenny, W3UR, is the
newest, fastest and most innovative way to get up-to-date HF DX
information.  The Daily DX provides the latest DX information collected
from a world wide network of sources.  The raw DX data is put in a user
friendly format to meet your DXing needs.  You will receive information
about future DXpeditions, QSL information, propagation forecasts, IOTA
(Islands on the air), QSN reports from 10 to 160 Meters, post DXpedition 
write ups and more.  You will receive instantaneous DX news that is 
unreliant on the U.S. postal service.  The Daily DX will be e-mailed to 
your home or office 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, 50 weeks a year.  
Other bulletins may take 2-5 days to reach you.  Now you can receive DX 
news before it's out-of-date.  Subscriptions to The Daily DX are $49.00 
per year for 250 issues, that's less than 20 cents an issue.  If you 
subscribe between now and April 30, 1997 you will become a charter 
subscriber and receive The Daily DX for $36.00 per year, that's less than 
15 cents an issue.  If you are not completely satisfied after 30 days we 
offer a full money back guarantee.  Please visit The Daily DX Homepage at 
URL  Subscribe now to The Daily DX for the
fastest DX source.  To receive your first two weeks free, send an e-mail
to with your name, callsign and e-mail address 

Bernie McClenny W3UR (ex WR3E, WB3JRU)

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