TopBand: Technical Question

Ron Hill K6UR
Mon, 01 Dec 1997 09:17:58 -0800

Being a typical appliance operator and not a techical type, I attempted
to put up an Inverted L antenna. I purchased a motorized vacuum variable
cap that was just right for the job. I went over to the hardware store
and purchased an metal electrical box to enclose the variable cap.
I see K1ZM uses a plastic enclosure for his two variable caps. 
Now, would a metal enclosure around this tuning cap have a definite
effect on this or not? 

I worked a few Caribbean stations on 160m plus the VK9 but not much
else. I am working on a sloper off the top section of the 89 ft tower
now and hope to have it working today. My main goal is to work into
Europe on 160m. If I do that, then I'll be happy.

73/Ron, K6UR

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