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Lars Harlin
Mon, 01 Dec 1997 22:14:42 +0100

At 14:29 1997-12-01 EST, you wrote:
>Lars, you were consistently one of the loudest stations  from MOST of
>Europe; not just Scandanavia. Plus you could hear very well also.
>I'm very interested in hearing your comments about the TS-870; what were
>your impressions in a contest enviroment?
>73   Carl   KM1H
>On Mon, 01 Dec 1997 16:41:35 +0100 Lars Harlin <>
>>Hi guys!
>>Had a, as usually, very joyfull experience working cqww - topband this
>>weekend. Conditions were not the best from our location 63 deg. 
>>But nevertheless we managed to match the goal we put up before the 
>>1000 QSO.
>>Total raw score was 1008 QSO, 83 countries and 27 zones. We used my 
>>TS-870, AMP and 4-square. Callsign used was SL3ZV. I am very curious 
>>to know
>>how copyable we was out there.... We worked quite a few JA`s and W`s 
>>carebean stations.
>>So, anyone with comments how our signals from SL3ZV did compare with 
>>stations in EU and preferably SCANDINAVIA?
>>73 de Lars /SM3BDZ

Hi Carl and all others!

Thanks for all the positive comments on our signals and receiving capabilitys
during CQWW.

Regarding TS870, I`ve had the rig for abt one year now, and by now feel
very comfortable with the piece of gear.

The first month I used the 870 I discovered some shortcomings. There were IMD
problems in the receiver, especially on low bands - wich I favour...

I mailed kenwoods technical staff and got some suggestions for
modifications wich
they already had implemented in models with later serial no.

In short, the idea was to reduse gain i 2:nd mixer and compensate that with
gain i MF stages.

After I did that mod the problems with IMD totally disapeared! In our
contest environment (multi/multi, 6 stns in the same floor with rugged
amps) the 870
performed very well. Myself I had no interferences from the other bands and
did`nt seem to be that bothered with my spectrum either. No treats, and at
moderatly happy faces when we run in to each others for food and coffe

Ofcourse we, as topband-operators, benefits from beeing on the lowest band
no second harmonics from other stations. Nevertheless, my opinion is that
the 870
handled the broadband noisespectrum very well!

Hope to CU all on THE BAND this season!

73 de Lars /SM3BDZ
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