TopBand: W/E Condx from UK

Mike Devereux - G3SED
Mon, 01 Dec 1997 22:04:19 +0000


I'm sorry to hear of the poor conditions in the USA before and after CQ
WW. Here in the UK conditions to some parts of the world were the best
I've ever heard. With the K index at zero the difficult polar path to JA
was outstanding.

>From my QTH on the South Coast of England it went something like this :-

26th Nov.  5B4AGC, 5V7ZM, 9Y4H, K2KW/6Y5, P40E

27th Nov.  Worked 25 JA's from 2046z till 2120Z some peaking over
           S8 on my FT1000D S meter - thats outstanding for this
           difficult path from the UK.
           EY8AM, V47KP, HS0AC 2030z - no qso. A45XR,
           V8EA,  5-6-9 at 2140z calls CQ 4 times half of EU reply
           but he hears no-one and QRT's quickly - PITY !

28th Nov. From 0500z work HC8N, 5V7A, TI1C.
          0622z 8R1K, not listening for EU ! 
          North American sigs well down but work N7JW at 0734z
          JA's heard 30 mins prior to sunset around 1545z 
          Now thats the first time I've heard JA at this time in the UK.
30th Nov. This evening the JA's are even louder at sunset start
          hearing JH5OJI from 1605z then JN1HOW and JH5ZJS peaks
          5-6-9 for over 25 mins but cannot here my calls !!
After using a 165ft inverted Vee for two years I decided to try
something different. About 4 weeks ago I put up an old fashioned T
antenna. 70ft vertical with the wire dropped from the centre of a 100ft
horizontal top section. It's giving tremendous high angle rejection
compared to the inverted L. This cuts down the QRM from other close EU
I would be interested in any comments on my signals during the past four
weeks from those of you that hear me regularly - any feelings if I've
gone up or down compared to the inverted L ? 

..... hope you don,t mind another view of the band from outside the USA,

73's all

Mike G3SED

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