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On Mon, 1 Dec 1997 20:44:10 -0800 "Lane C. Zeitler" <>
>I'll be going on a vacation and would like to operate portable top 
>from the camp site. Lots of trees available for support so was 
>wondering if
>anyone has tried a Slinky vertical for 160?? 
>I am looking at a very loose helically wound vertical made out of the 
>fashioned steel type slinky toys. I know Carl KM1H and many others use
>these for rcv beverages on reduced size acreage and reportedly they 
>exceedingly well.
>Yes I know their are numerous other options for top band antennas 
>while at
>the park but I have been very curious about this for a while now and 
>seems like I will have a chance to try it out. Not sure how tall it 
>be physically, how loose or tight the slinky(ies) should be, etc. I 
>been to this park before and most of the trees are around 30-50 feet 
>Curious abt useable bandwidth and overall efficiency versus a full 
>vertical. I have no antenna modeling software.
>Comments on this slinky vertical idea most welcome.
>San Diego

Suggestion Lane:

Take a few with you along with an Autek or some such device and then let
us all know what you find. 
Seriously tho, the Slinky was sold in dipole form many years ago. Perhaps
someone has some info that can be adapted to your use. 
There have also been a few attempts in the magazines, and I think ON4UN's
book also, to provide some design info on helical wound antennas.  
Remember the old Kirk antennas?

GL   Carl   KM1H

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