TopBand: FT-1000: Is it worth the "upgrade"

Lane C. Zeitler
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 22:25:04 -0800

I have an opportunity to purchase a straight FT-1000, non-D model, for
$1600 locally. I presently have a TS-940SAT. Is their much difference in
performance?? I do a lot of 160 meter listening (some xmitting of course)
and have been very happy with the 940. I have used the 1000 and it sure
seems to be an "upgrade". Filtering is splendid. 200 watts out is nice. The
list could go on and on but I want to know what YOU think.

Also wondering how it performs in a heavy QRM/QRN contest environment
versus the 940. 

What makes a converts a straight 1000 into a "D" model?? Very expensive??

Comments most welcome.

San Diego

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