TopBand: ARRL 160 Rules

Earl W Cunningham
Wed, 03 Dec 1997 06:48:58 EST

Hello TopBanders,

Greg, ZS5K asked about the ARRL Section multipliers in this coming
weekend's ARRL 160 Meter Contest.  I thought that it would be appropriate
to post the list here on the TopBand Reflector for others to see, and
perhaps encourage more Non-W/VE stations to participate ("DX" for
Americans and Canadians - your countries count as additional multipliers
for us).

If I've made any errors or omissions in the list, please advise.

Here's the complete list:

1st call district:
   CT     (Connecticut)
   EMA (Eastern Massachusetts)
   ME    (Maine)
   NH    (New Hampshire)
   RI      (Rhode Island)
   VT     (Vermont)
   WMA (Western Massachusetts)

2nd call district:
   ENY (Eastern New York)
   NLI   (New York City/Long Island)
   NNJ  (Northern New Jersey)
   NNY (Northern New York)
   SNJ  (Southern New Jersey)
   WNY (Western New York)

3rd call district:
   DC    (District of Columbia)
   DE    (Delaware)
   EPA  (Eastern Pennsylvania)
   MD    (Maryland)
   WPA (Western Pennsylvania)
          (BTW, previous years, DC & MD were combined into one section -

4th call district:
   AL  (Alabama)
   GA  (Georgia)
   KY  (Kentucky)
   NC  (North Carolina)
   NFL (North Florida)
   SC  (South Carolina)
   SFL (South Florida)
   TN   (Tennessee)
   VA  (Virginia)
   PR  (Puerto Rico - KP3, KP4)
   VI   (US Virgin Islands - KP2, KV4)
         (I wonder where KG4, Guantanamo Bay falls, or is it considered

5th call district:
   AR   (Arkansas)
   LA    (Louisiana)
   MS   (Mississippi)
   NM   (New Mexico)
   NTX  (North Texas)
   OK   (Oklahoma)
   STX  (South Texas)
   WTX (West Texas)

6th call district:
   EB   (East Bay)
   LAX  (Los Angeles County - my section)
   ORG (Orange County)
   SB   (Santa Barbara)
   SCV (Santa Clara Valley)
   SDG (San Diego)
   SF    (San Francisco)
   SJV  (San Joaquin Valley)
   SV   (Sacramento Valley)
   PAC (Pacific Islands - KH0 thru KH9 - only 1 mult, even if you work
them all!)

7th call district:
   AZ     (Arizona)
   EWA (Eastern Washington)
   ID      (Idaho)
   MT    (Montana)
   NV    (Nevada)
   OR    (Oregon)
   UT     (Utah)
   WWA (Western Washington)
   WY    (Wyoming)
   AK     (Alaska - KL7)

8th call district:
   MI   (Michigan)
   OH  (Ohio)
   WV (West Virginia)

9th call district:
   IL  (Illinois)
   IN  (Indiana)
   WI (Wisconsin)

10th call district:
   CO (Colorado)
   IA   (Iowa)
   KS (Kansas)
   MN (Minnesota)
   MO (Missouri)
   NE (Nebraska)
   ND (North Dakota)
   SD (South Dakota)

Canadian (RAC) Sections:
   MAR     (Maritime Provinces - VE1)
   PQ        (Quebec - VE2)
   ON        (Ontario - VE3)
   MB        (Manitoba - VE4)
   SK         (Saskatchewan - VE5)
   AB         (Alberta - VE6)
   BC         (British Columbia - VE7)
   YU/NWT (Yukon/Northwest Territories - VY1/VE8 - only 1 mult, even if
   work both!)

Unless I'm mistaken, that's 79 section multipliers that can be worked in
the contest.

The contest begins at 2200 UTC on 14 Dec and ends at 1600 UTC on 16 Dec,
a 42-hour operating period with no time limitation.

Contacts with ARRL/RAC Sections count 2 points each, and contacts with DX
count 5 points each (DX-to-DX QSOs count 0 points each with no multiplier
credit).  Final score is points X multipliers.

The "DX window" (1830 to 1835 kHz) should be used for intercontinental
QSOs only, in accordance with the ARRL band plan.

W/VE stations send RST + ARRL/RAC Section.  DX send only RST (the country
is obvious from the callsign).  Send RST + ITU Region if you're /MM or
/AM (I assume that ITU Regions count as DX multipliers for W/VEs).

Operating categories for single-op are QRP (5 W or less), Low Power (150
W or less), and High Power (more than 150 W).  Multi-op can be
single-transmitter only.  Use of packet clusters or any kind of
assistance places you in the multi-op category.

Certificates will be awarded to the top-scoring stations in each
single-op category in each ARRL/RAC Section and in each DX country. 
Top-scoring multi-op stations in each ARRL Division and on each continent
will also be awarded a certificate.

73, cu in the contest, de Earl, K6SE

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