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<< Subj:	 QSO stealing/USA lids calling 5A2A on 160M
 Date:	97-12-03 09:18:52 EST
 Things have gone too far.  The USA CW stations calling 5A2A  on 160m
 last night sounded like a European SSB pile-up -- only worse.
 I spent 4 hours copying down calls of stations calling 5A2A deliberately
 trying to disprupt the 5A who came back to other stations WITH or
 without their full call.   I have 250 (!) calls on the list so far.  BY
 FAR a certain NQ1 WAS THE WORST.  I haven't decided what to do with it
 yet (communication privacy act etc),  As I recall their contacts (if
 made) might be invalidated if illegal or unsportsman-like behavior was
 used to obtain them.   Any OO's out there willing to continue my
 practice and at least send an OO notice to these guy's and the ARRL?
 I'm sorry to be on the same band and mode with these guys.
 Guys please remember you have two ears for a reason.   Let's get the
 ear/brain/hand loop working and shut up when your not called.
 This isn't sour grapes by the way...
 de Brian/K3KO
 Vance Net Inc
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Hi Brian,
Should'nt this of gone to topband?

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