TopBand: Give us a break

Fri, 05 Dec 1997 22:17:58 +1100

Dear Reflectees,

K8RF wrote

"Nick and I can save the money that we were going to spend on QSL cards.

Maybe when my 1981 Ford throws a rod next week I'll have money to fix
Maybe Nick can pay the back rent he owes on his nice little watch repair
shop(I'm sorry Nick, that is a private matter but I couldn't help it

Although acknowledging the fine job you guys did from vk9l can we please be
spared the financial sob stories.

The fact of the matter is that if you can't afford to go on a dx-pedition
don't go!! I have nothing against Dx-peditions seeking financial
contributions but I think we can be spared the personal heart break stories
re old cars and under capitalised businesses. For those not familiar with
vk9l it is a semi tropical paradise and popular holiday destination (this
is not a hardship location such as Heard or Afghanistan). I am sure that if
I jet setted around the world visiting paradise spots whilst do nothing but
dx-ing my financial situation would be a bit tight as well.   

I respect you guys for making the financial sacrifices to live a dx fantasy
but don't try to "guilt trip" the rest of us into funding your life style
We suffer enough with people whinging about their financial circumstances
in real life so lets keep this sort of stuff out of Dxing and off the

I have just included a small contribution with my QSL for 5a2a - not
because they asked - but because I appreciated the professional attitude
adopted by all involved with that operation. I hope the distinction is clear.

I have donned the "asbestos suit" in anticipation of the forthcoming flames.

Paul (vk3ajj)  

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