TopBand: 160 test and beverage test (sort of)

Dan Kovatch
Sat, 06 Dec 1997 08:34:21 -0800

I finally got up the nerve to build an actual beverage. I used the two 
280 wires I had left over from the short bidirectional beverage from 
several years ago. Had a core that was wound for 500 to 50 ohm and ran 
the wire at 60 degrees plus or minus the snow blindness.

Condx seemed very lousy last night and when I heard N8TR calling and 
calling  SP2FIQ (not sure of call) who I couldn't hear on any wire so I 
was bummed. I listened more and heard some EU but didn't wrk any. South 
seemed good.   First results- the 560 foot beverage is no better than the 
NE EWE. I will check all over today and maybe get actual permission from 
the farmer to have it in the field :)

In typical fashion and from long experience I will blame the lack of 
results on
1)interaction of antennas
3)lousy condx
5)East Coast EU signal suck out theory (Anyone from WPA west knows about 
this one)
7)wx not bad enough

I even made my wife an accomplice by making her walk in a freshly 
decorned field in the dark (found only one hole-she stepped in it!)
She actually liked it but balked at staying there and changing resistors 
for best front to back! The beverage DOES seem to have better F/B abd F/S 
than the EWE so there is hope.

POSTSCRIPT: Most people seemed to observe the DX window and several moved 
when asked
73 till Sunday
assisted M/S

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