TopBand: First Heard, Day 2 de KH8

Don Barclay
Sun, 7 Dec 1997 12:14:11 -1100

Hi Gentlemen,

Night 2 provided considerably better conditions from the
US to KH8.  Still lots of QSB, but signal strenths were 
back up to normal.  Conditions from KH8 to JA were no-
ticeably poorer than the first night, however.  First signals
from the US were heard at almost exactly the same time
as the first night, but different areas.  In the order heard:

0508z     N5JA         1.828
0513z     K5NA        1.829
0514z     N6RO        1.836
0518z     WB9Z        1.822
0525z     N5KO        1.821
0536z     K9DX         1.809
0539z     NL7Z         1.831
0546z     NA5B        1.815
0547z     KF6T         1.824
0552z     W0UA       1.823
0553z     KA6BIM     1.828
0556z     W0AH       1.817
0558z     K8MK        1.836
0559z     W7AWA    1.838
0600z     N5UL         1.843
0602z     W7CW      1.807 
0604z     WF3T        1.824
0614z     K7BV        1.822
0619z     NS0B        1.805
0621z     NO9Z        1.806
0623z     WA7UQV  1.838
0624z     VE3EJ      1.839
0624z     N7JW        1.846
0626z     K7MI         1.840
0631z     N4AR        1.849

Many other nice signals later in the night.  These
were only the first 25.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.

73,  Don  KH8/N5OLS

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