TopBand: Need source of info for Noise problems

Earl W Cunningham
Sun, 07 Dec 1997 19:59:48 EST

Hi, Ron,

Years ago, So Cal Edison had a ham (I forget his call) working for them
that speciallized in tracking down power line noises.  He was quite
sympathetic to hams, and therefore was quite helpful in eliminating these
noises.  After he retired, the sympathy disappeared, and Edison no longer
seemed to care about hams.

After they totally ignored a power line noise problem I had a few years
ago, I thought I'd try a different tactic.  The line noise (which
originated about 1/2 mile from me) also showed up on the lower channels
of my TV.  When I called them again to complain about the TV interference
caused by the power lines, they were very swift in correcting the problem
and even called me afterwards to see if I was satisfied.

I'm not sure, but maybe the power companies are under FCC constraints to
assure that their power lines do not cause TVI.

Hope this helps.

73, de Earl, K6SE

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