TopBand: JA opening here in 0 land/Iowa

Dennis G. Peterson
Tue, 9 Dec 1997 06:58:22 -0600

Hi gang;  After spending 16 years on the west coast and being to work 
into JA at one leisure, I can really appreciate an opportunity when
it arrises.  I've been waiting for over a year and a half to work JA
from the mid west and finally this morning on 1909 here was JA3ONB
calling cq so i find his QSX frequency and wait until I hear a 0 or 9
working him.  after 15 minutes of calling I finally have him in the log at 
12:49 UTC.  What a signal he has one of the strongest there.  he was solid
copy 599 plus or minus 5-10 at times on peaks.  This was no less on the 
transmit vertical the uni-hat.  On my short beverages he was still 569-579 
but with no noise.  Noise level on the transmit is a constant s9 24 hours
a day.  Thanks my friend JA3ONB for the fb contact this morning.  de N7CKDennis

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