TopBand: OY9JD

Wed, 10 Dec 1997 06:24:18 +0700

Hi all,
Greetings from Cinere.
The band was very quiet at my sunset and tried to cq USA with no luck. But,
before my sunrise, heavy QRN was present. Having worked some JAs, I called
cqdx for about 90 minutes - with "frustration". Some OHs were heard weakly
responding to my call (SRI I didn't get a full calls). Then, came Jon,
OY9JD, with gud signal at 2231z, slightly after my SR time. We exchange 559
in both ways. Sure, he gave me a new one on 160m (I met him almost two
years ago on 80m SSB). I learn: that's what DX is... TNX.

73 de Jo, YC0LOW, P.O. Box 147, Cinere 16514, Indonesia.

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