TopBand: Thurs AM in ZS

Greg Smith
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 07:55:18 +0200

After drooling over reports from the top half for the past couple of days,
we  in the bottom half finally had a piece of the action this morning. I
arrived in the shack at 0420 local, and could see I had already missed part
of the opening. It seems that a sharp positive delta in the A- index is
what it takes this time of the year.

The opening was mainly to the right coast. Sri to the left coast, I forgot
to give you a special QRZ.  Was there anyone calling from out west whom I
didn't hear?

It started off with W1WAS (oops, sri David, I mean W1WAI !)  (I messed his
call up 3 months ago) and finished with Jack, VE1ZZ, 10 calls later.  I
really love this band.  It frustrates to hell for weeks, and then suddenly
comes up with the goods.

Greetings to all.

Greg, ZS5K

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