TopBand: Mail problem, only EMail experts read it

Bogyo Istvan
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 17:23:24 +0100

Dear Friends,

I have to apologize for putting this on this reflector, but it seems
this is my only link that really works.

We have a mail delivery problem. I think there is a problem with our DNS
registration, at least both AOL.COM and VE7TCP.AMPR.ORG sent error
messages like "not found in DNS" or "DNS incorrect" or similar. It seems
that the hostmaster at our provider does not have a clue what to do.

I KNOW this is not the EMAILPROBLEMSANDOTHERSTUFF reflector, but I
rceive mail from thi reflector daily, while mail from other places will
probably never make it here...

If you have an idea, where to go and waht to do, let me know.

73 es DX

Steve HA0DU

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