TopBand: Bad Times/Good Times (You Know I've Had My Share)

Ragnar Otterstad
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 08:22:22 +0100

You had a decent signal when wwe worked this morning but not many others
were on  so I went back to bed to catch some much needed beauty sleep !

73  Rag  oz8ro

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> From: Bill Hohnstein <>
> To:
> Subject: TopBand: Bad Times/Good Times (You Know I've Had My Share)
> Date: 11. december 1997 20:31
> Last night I turned the radio on around 0330z.  The band was in
> generally poor shape to Europe then.  Most Europeans were better
> on either my 43 or 86 degree Beverages (rather than the more common
> [longer] 30 degree one).  I had some frustrating times calling 
> stations around the noise level (eg US5IRW, OF3JF, etc).  OF3JF was
> just above the noise level around 0430.  By the time that the east
> coast callers were done, he was just BELOW the noise level--time
> for a break...
>   Things had changed by 0530 when I listened again.  After that the
> 30 degree Beverage was better and the Soviet area stations were at
> their strongest level of the year here.  EU6DX had an excellent signal.
> LY2BR was still strong after his 0642 sunrise.  UX0UN, UA1KT and RU1AO
> were also worked.  After that the EU path seemed to produce some up/
> some down stations compared to normal levels...
> 73,  Bill     K0HA   (Brown Eyed Man)
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