TopBand: 4 Square vs Beverage

Earl W Cunningham
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 12:24:20 EST

K1HTV wrote:
>Frank has numerous Bverage antennas, some single, some phased in the
>W3LPL array of antennas. 
>Although there are times when the 4-Square will outperform the
Beverages, >there are even more times where the Beverage will hear better
than the 
>4-Square.  This has been noted in noisy as well as relatively quiet
>In addition to the 4-Square, other Top Band antennas include verticals
>which favor NE, S, W & NW and the NE, E, S, W & NW Beverages.
Be aware that the "other Topband verticals" on Frank's antenna farm, if
resonant and within, say 270' (1/2-wave) of the 4-square, will distort
the pattern of the 4-square array to some extent, therefore comparison
results may well be distorted also.

In my own comparison of Beverages vs. my 2-el vertical array (spaced
1/4-wave), a 550' Beverage hears about equal to the xmit array's
unidirectional pattern, but is better than the array's bidirectional
pattern.  An 1100' Beverage hears better in the array's unidirectional

>From my comparison results I would suspect that a well-tuned 4-square in
a clear environment would obviate the need for an optimium (1100')

73, de Earl, K6SE

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