TopBand: Re: VS6DO (was 3x)

Tue, 16 Dec 1997 05:27:25 +0000

At 12:24 PM 12/15/97 EST, Earl W Cunningham wrote:
>If you talk to Franz again, Bob, tell him that VS6DO used to work the
>world on 160 by simply tossing a tuned wire out of his high-rise window. 
>He just reeled it back in when he didn't use it..
>73, de Earl, K6SE

Earl and company

"Rumor" had it that VS6DO was running something far more subsatntial than a
pair of 3-500's to put out that  very very big signal we all used to listen
to on 80 and 160 back in the miod 80's. I know from many a frustrating
morning that he certainly could transmit better than he could receive. I
never did work the guy ~8^)......


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