TopBand: Stew Rules

Richard L. King
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 14:54:26

At 06:06 AM 12/17/97 -0800, N6TR wrote:

>4. Categories: Single operator or multi-operator. Only one signal shall 
>   be transmitted at a time.  Remote or packet spotting shall not be used 
>   Transmitting and receiving antennas shall be located at the same QTH.

I had planned to operate as a rover for this contest; from different grid
squares and possibly from different states. Do the rules, as stated, mean I
cannot submit an entry for the contest? Each different grid square would
probably be considered as a different QTH.

If this is the case, then I will still operate as a rover but not submit a
log. However, now the problem is when/how do I re-work stations? If I move
between grid squares, then is it OK for me to re-work stations that I had
previously worked? If I use the same callsign most computer logging
software makes people ignore me, even though the QSO is valid for them.

This is no joke as I once operated the 10 meter contest as K5NA/M from
thirteen different states and submitted an entry from each. QST printed all
my entries in the results and I even won South Carolina as a single-op one
year just by driving through. I have the certificate to prove it. 

During these contests I have had many arguments with people about whether I
am a dup when I call them again from a different state. Some refuse to work
me while others quickly understand what's happening and grab the QSO. The
problem is that I am usually use one callsign for the entire trip and they
automatically think I am a dup. I'm sure that the QSO creates a manual
intervention problem with the software after the contest to ensure that
they get credit for the QSO.

I just thought of a good way to fix that situation. Perhaps some of you
that have stored up all the extra radio club vanity will lend me your extra
callsign to use from a single grid square somewhere? Is there anyone out
there who will trust me with your extra calls?

Good luck in the Stew Perry Contest. It is a lot of fun.

73, Richard


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