TopBand: VK4 gang.

Fri, 19 Dec 1997 20:33:17 -2

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        Hi guys,

this is referred to the VK4 gang only, if there are any of them through the
Reflector.  The  thing  is  that I will be arriving to Brisbane on the 21st
Jan-98,  CQ  WW DX CW 160m take place from 23rd to 25th, so I would like to hear
 from  people  living NOT far away from that area to join them for the contest
if possible. I had a previous callsign before as VK4IBZ, so I'll be asking 
again  for it. Those like VK6HD Mike and VK6VZ Steve, I'm sorry but this  time 
we do not plan to be in VK6 area like we do last time we were there, so I could
not visit you (what a shame!) Any others from VK8 will be my pleasure to meet,
if you're on the way !

Would  like to heard from any possible DXpedition or 160m activity within a
period  of about 7 weeks, starting the 21st Jan. I plan to bring a TS50 and a
dipole antenna, being 20m and 40m the main bands to work.

Hope  to  find some of the 160m stuff of Australia if possible, since then, have
 everybody  a  Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year, with lots of good
propagation in the coming 1998.

Greetings de:
            Josep EA6ACC
            Internet E-mail via Enric EB6AOK

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