TopBand: Diversity receivers, ant switching

Mon, 22 Dec 1997 08:30:27 EST

In a message dated 97-12-22 03:50:06 EST, K0HA writes:

<< Tonight brings home a point that's been in my mind for some time--
 dual frequency receivers are nice, but when is a HF diversity
 reception receiver going to show up?  >>

I was presented with need for receiving in two directions when operating from
VE1ZZ in CQ WW contests on 160. I needed to switch 9 beverages, quickly if
possible, and listen in at least two main directions: Eu and US. (Jack's
beverage switching using 18 position telephone stepping switch/no indication
isn't exactly contest friendly.)
In 97 the solution was to use two radios (as 2nd RX) simultaneous reception
and put up two more beverages for US and low Inverted Vee for "One way Eus".
This helped quite a bit. 
I have suggested to N6TR to incorporate antenna switching into TR program:
instead of band switching for all band contesting, to have definable single
band antenna switching (bev.) with options of programmable length and
selection of ant. scan, with manual override (gives 8 antenna option for 3 bit
combinations). With support for two radios, this would give closest thing to
diversity receiving. Hope it comes through soon. We could have 16 antennas on
one, on two ears, scanning after CQ/QSO or manual override. Sure will save
wrists from getting unscrewed. The next thing would be to sense the best
antenna and lock on to it. 
p.s. Thank you for another evidence that there is a skewed path (and maybe
some ducting) 

73 MX & HNY

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