TopBand: long path

Michael Bazley
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 14:23:30 +0800

Seasons Greetings to All and very many thanks to those of you who have
kindly given me a 160 QSO in the past 12 months. The past 2 mornings the
band has been good with openings to Europe AND long path to the USA. In the
log are K1KI, K1ZM, VE1ZZ, W1FV and W1WEF. It is always a thrill to have a
"nearly impossible" QSO. A further plus was being heard by George, W8UVZ,
albeit briefly. Of couse none of these contacts would take place without the
great stations and operators at the USA/Canada end. Thanks a lot. The best
time seems to be about 20 minutes after my sunrise, which is 2108z and
getting later day by day.  CU around 1832.
73 es dx de Mike VK6HD 

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