TopBand: Construction of Small Receiving Loops

Bob Selbrede
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 20:47:04 -0800

Hi Guys,

I've been reading through the literature regarding small receiveing loops
and had a few questions that maybe someone here could answer.

1)  Most construction articals recommend using regular old RG-58, RG-59,
RG-213 or similar coax, 5 feet on a side, 20 feet total length.  Jeff, K1ZM
comments (in his book) that 75 Ohm CATV line seems to work better.  Just
curious if anyone else has tried them both, or perhaps has something
different/better to recommend?  Is there any reason why hardline would be
better, or why 75 Ohm coax might be preferred over 50 Ohm coax?

2)  Again, most articals depict the loops installed on or near the ground
with a small TV rotator to turn them.  Is there any reason to believe that
installing the loop on a tower above a yagi would be any worse or better
than on the ground or on the roof?  Would height make any difference on an
antenna of this type?

If there's any interest, I'll post a summary of responses.  Thanks for reading!

73, Bob K6ZZ

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