TopBand: Software for STEW PERRY TEST?

Sun, 28 Dec 1997 14:27:56 +0100

Hello everybody,
is there a software package available, to get the right points for the STEW 
PERRY event?
Thanks everybody, to call me wile I was using my clubcall DF0KW.
I ws really surprise, that I can worke e few stations from the US today. A very 
heavy windstorm at night from 26 to the had destroy my 160m vertical, i 
lost 14m top of the antenne, just the basic tower with 22m was standing up.
Using a network to tune it for 1831, and could really worke some guys, starting 
very late because I first think it doesnt work to well.
Even condx are excellent, Stations from EAST and WEST loud at the same time.
So I did have a lot of fun in that contest. 
Hope a better (complete night) entry next year.

Everybody a good and peaceful 1998


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