TopBand: West Coast at EU Noon!

Neil Smith
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 22:13:49 GMT

What an enjoyable contest this has been.  After sunrise today around 0830z
the East Coast signal dropped off, but the W8s stayed loud, and even an hour
into daylight we were still hearing W6/7 and KL7.  At 11.30 am local, Ron
GW3YDX spotted K6SE, and indeed, there he was, California at almost noon!
Later on we heard that GM3POI was still hearing KL7RA loud at 12.30 pm.  

Sorry if I missed some calls, the storms here on 25th rather messed up my
terminated loops, so I was a bit deaf.  I called some of the louder W7s
using 20 watts and still made it OK, so I guess the folded monopole is fine
on transmit!

What with loud JAs before sunset here, it only leaves about three hours a
day to sleep or risk missing DX.  I saw a spot from OM5ZM of N7UA at 1516z
on 25th, has anyone on the left coast actually worked into EU at sunrise?
(My sunset is same as Oregon sunrise just now....)

Hey, it would all be a *lot* easier on the telephone, but I LOVE this band!!

Neil G4DBN

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