TopBand: Stew Perry Test

Tree N6TR
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 14:19:17 -0800 (PST)


My biggest fear was that the excellent conditons we have had during the
week wouldn't last through the contest...  I can now relax.

K7RAT (N5KO and N6TR) - 382 QSOs - 3112 points.  

We worked as many Europeans as N2IC (51) and almost as many JAs (35).  
Other juicy DX included T88JA, VK6VZ (only station below the equator?),
KH8/N5OLS and a few UA0s.  Interesting that the KH6s weren't heard,
except maybe at the start.  We were sorry VR97BG didn't show up the 
second morning.  He sure had a good signal with his HF2-V the first 

Just before the contest, UA4UDR (I think that was it) was coming
in very well (like 569) calling CQ.  W7GG finally got his attention.
We did manage a couple of OH/SM QSOs before the contest.

Trey and I choose to wait until Saturday afternoon to start the contest.
We felt the off time would work out better that way (who thought up these
funny rules where you could only take one bread between your 1st and last
QSOs anyway?).  There were some good signals before sunset again from 
Europe.  S58A and GM3POI were both coming in well.

GW4VEQ didn't make it because Tony's antennas were blown down (along
with his pants and glasses).  Sounds like a very bad storm.  Lots of
trees down and power lines.

Send you logs to or PO Box 1357, Boring, OR  97009.
Please include a disk if possible with your log in ASCII format.

Thanks to everyone who got on and made this a very fun evening.  Let's
do it again next year!!

73 Tree N6TR / K7RAT

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