TopBand: Wireless Headphones

Ron Hill K6UR
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 15:44:37 -0800

I am finding the wireless headphones I bought are quite a usefull
idea when it comes to working outside the house on antennas, etc.
I plug the xmtr device into the radio, tune in a signal then walk
outside and do my adjusting of antennas. You can adjust trimmers or
anything that needs tweaking. thanks to N4XX for making that suggestion.

I've also walked a block or so to try and find a source of noise that
is bothering me. I found one source: street lights one block away.
On at dusk and off at sunrise, just great for 160m DXing.

Ron, K6UR
(I suppose handheld radio's will do the same thing but will they keep
your ears warm this time of year?)

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