TopBand: TBDC Condx
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 18:28:03 -0800 (PST)

Yeah, wow, what FB condx.  I have a poor 160-meter antenna, and I *never*
thought I'd work Europe on 160.  It's hard enough on 80 from here.  During
the great lowband condx of the last week, I have been concentrating on
trying to finish my 5BDXCC on 80 meters, so I did not spend much time in the
Stew Perry Contest.  But, bored on 80 during the doldrums between west coast
sunset and Europe sunset, I switched to 160 and heard GM3POI pounding in!
I've never heard a European signal that strong on 80 meters!

I easily worked him at 0334Z.  He was begging for QSO's most of the next 30
minutes as he faded down.  I returned to 160 before my sunrise and worked
T88JA and YC0LOW.  Amazing.  Thanks, guys.  I never heard V31JP.

I am only using my 80-meter "half-sloper" on topband.  So, on 160, it's 1/8
wavelength, on a 50 ft. (15 m) tower.  I take a loading coil from an old
Hy-Gain 18V 18-ft. vertical, clip it to the bottom of the half-sloper, and
add about 15 ft. of wire to the other side of the coil, and throw the wire
in the bushes.  More or less center-loaded.  Only a few radials on the tower

Maybe I'll spend some more time on this band....CUAGN.

Charley, K7NW

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