TopBand: Cow Hill report Orcas Island Wa NA65

Stan Seiffert
Mon, 29 Dec 1997 11:49:55 -0800

The Stew Perry contest was absoutely great even if I only made 186 Q's (40 dx). Best contest ever.   I spent a lot of time looking for new ones.  Most intersting contact was TF2KX responding to a cq.  Last eu worked Saturday morning was SM5EDX at 1617 followed by GM3POI at 2208 (over two hours before sunset)  Propagation was primarily to N. eu.  SM's etc were frequently stronger than east coast US.
Over the weekend I managed 57 eu in 21 countries ( 7 new ones)  usually a whole years work from here. Thanks Tree and the others that put the SPDC together.
                 73        Stan     W7AWA

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