TopBand: FW: Condx for Stew Perry from Iowa

Raymond Dave-CSUS04
Mon, 29 Dec 1997 18:32:33 -0600

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> From: 	Raymond Dave-CSUS04
> Sent: 	Sunday, December 28, 1997 7:55 PM
> To: 	'Topband Reflector'
> Subject: 	Condx for Stew Perry from Iowa
> Hello Crew:
> Condx Saturday evening local time for the Stew Perry contest were
> nothing short of absolutely fabulous.  Activity levels were even
> higher than the recent 160 mtr contests.
> I had a project going on the bench when I fired the station up at
> about 2100z.  Made a handful of Q's off and on for the first couple of
> hours while I was finishing my project.  Then at 2300z I sat down and
> started to get serious.  I finally had to go to bed about 0500z.
> In short, I had 223 q's, of which 56 were Europeans!  At one point,
> the Europeans were lined up 2 or 3 deep calling me as I ran (an
> unusual event from Iowa!).  I would frequently ask US stations to
> standby, so I could work the DX.  
> Were there some stations running qrp or qrpp?  I had some unbelievably
> weak stateside stations calling me that kept getting covered by
> Europe.  I think I got them all pulled through. . . the beverages
> worked well for the very weak stateside stations.
> I'm not really geared up for contesting here (do that at N0NI), so
> don't have contest type logging and computer/rig interface, etc.
> Logging on paper, tuning the RIT, switching antennas, and running the
> keyer, all at the same time, are quite a challenge!
> I have no way of knowing how I did from a score perspective.  I don't
> even know if I could submit my ugly paper logs, but I sure had a ball.
> We gotta do this again!
> 73 and Happy New Year to all,
> Dave,

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