TopBand: SM "boring report"

Lars Harlin
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 10:38:54 +0100

Have been away over x-mas and have heard about the fantastic condx. Have a 
little stn at the holliday-QTH so I`ve been able to follow the good
openings on Topband.

Back home yesterday and was thrilled by the tought of going to the club SL3ZV
this morning and have some workout...

Got up early and went there, just to find a very quiet band... Only stations
heard and worked was AL7O (569) and W7EW (569). Spent the rest of the morning
CW-chatting with Carl, SM6CPY....

Still, 160m is amazing!

73 de Lars /SM3BDZ/ (op. SL3ZV)

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