TopBand: Re: Small Receiving Loops

Scott Ellington
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 15:52:09 -0500

K6ZZ asks:

 >Is there any reason why hardline would be 
>better, or why 75 Ohm coax might be preferred over 50 Ohm coax?

The lower capacitance allows you to resonate a larger loop, though
this isn't a problem with a 5 foot/side loop on 160.  RG-62
has even less capacitance than 75 Ohm foam, and a 5 foot square
loop will just resonate at 3.5 MHz.  The only advantage of a 
larger loop is greater signal strength, but unless the local
noise level is very, very low, a preamp and a 5-foot loop
should be adequate.


Scott  K9MA

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