TopBand: Stew Perry Test

John Vickers
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 20:55:42 -0500

After buying and operating my first ever computer about 3 months ago, to
get Topband Ref and OH2BUA DX cluster.( no Hi - Tech down in the Georgia
swamps) Looks like this Stew Perry contest is going to force me to buy a
logging & contest program. --- may be cheaper to file suit aganist test
sponser for descrimnation aganist pencil and paper !!

Had a good time -- this looks to be a favorite test in the making. Congrats
to all. Band was noisey so just answered some of the bigger sigs.
73 John WD4JRA
Time: aprox 3 hr
QSOs:        80
Grids:         62
DX :           26 Eu,1 KL7, 1 WP2, 1  VY1
Score:       WHO CARES -- it was fun.

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