TopBand: 1997 CQWW KG7D OP.

Robert A. Kile
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 17:11:23 -0800

Yo top-banders,

Well it's over for another year.  I guest operated  at K7CA  station single
band, single op. low power. Alan completed his 5 el. array just days before
CQWW. It consists of 2 broadside pairs spaced 285x100 with single vertical
in center allowing six lobes of compass. All I can say is: WOW! Conditions
improved slightly day 2. However, not good enough to get EA8 or CT1 which
were only stations really heard from east. Stations further south of equator
were tuff as well as they all seemed to be noise impaired.

Better conditions allowed me to work several more JA, UA, RK0 and BV4. I'll
point out a propagation anomally. I had called VK3AJJ who was having noise
problems. He was best copy on West Antenna, Good copy on NW and also very
good copy Long Path on NE. I believe that if conditions were better noise
wise I could have worked him long or short path!

Another item of interest. I heard a W6 go up into JA window and work JA
relaying sked message for 6Y5A to BY. The JA then broadcast that message to
BY blindly about 6 times.

In general I found the low power operation enjoyable. Considering all the
High Power Fluff on the west coast we remained competative.It's a whole new
experience to be able hear well.

73, see you all in CQWW160

Bob KG7D, Las Vegas

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