TopBand: CQWW - Rounds 2 & 3

km1h @
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 20:32:46 EST

I heard you in there many times Bill, doing a darn good job too.
It appeared that you were hearing fairly deep...SV, 4X, etc, and even
better than those closer to the "pond" .
Saturday was an exercise in frustration as the classic one way
propagation was particularly evident here. Band loaded with signals but
only a dozen or so QSO's.

Went to bed around 0300Z as I had to be up and out at 10Z Sunday AM. 

73  Carl  KM1H

On Sun, 30 Nov 1997 18:51:00 -0800 Bill Hohnstein <>
>  Early Sunday (UTC) was much like Saturday, only with a reasonable
>static level.  Again, east and northern Europe showed the greater
>enhancement to their signal levels.  I'm not sure if the rest of
>Europe was better or it was simply my lower static level making my
>copy of them better then.  It was nice copying calls the first time...
>  Similar locations/stations were worked like the night before.
>Around 0200 I had a hard time finding new calls.  By 0300 it was
>obvious that the propagation music had died.  And the hoped for EU
>sunrise peak never occured other than some weak extreme northern
>Europeans (OH3LYG, OH2HE).  The ON4UN machine was also weakly copied
>but his sunrise "run" quickly fizzled...
>  Sunday local sunrise saw reduced conditions and my suffering the
>effects of not getting motivated to go outside to change the
>direction of my transmit array...
>  Tonight (Round 3) had the following early signals heard:  CT3/OH1MA
>(2217Z), EA8ZS (2323 - his strongest signal then), GW7J (2230),
>OH2HE (2259), sunset 2301z, and RZ3QU (2315).
>  I was surprised to hear RZ9AZA calling CQ at 2320--he was too
>strong!  He faded up at least 20 dB over the noise and I thought,
>"This should be easy."  I called but he didn't come back.  Again I
>called--nothing.  He faded down for the first time to the noise
>level--"I'll just wait until he peaks again."  He CQed again and
>was still weak--I called anyway.  He came back!  We exchanged reports
>and he was gone.  I don't think that he faded out, but I didn't hear
>any more CQs or callers...
>  I went back to searching for new stations but only could hear those
>already worked (including UA4PWW, OM5ZW, etc.).
>  That was fun!  Let's do this again next weekend!
>73,  Bill     K0HA
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