TopBand: vintage radio compnents & parts

Peter Ferrand
Sun, 08 Jun 1997 04:13:42 -0400

At 05:24 PM 6/7/97 -0500, BOLAND BARBARA wrote:
>I have a vintage AM broadcast receiver by RCA Victor 

>we soon realized that this was the same radio that as kids we used to
>listen to I believe it was called the Bob McNeil breakfast club out of
>Chicago many years ago, and also to the Bing Crosby radio show in the
>evening as well as Abbot and Costello.   

It was Don McNeil. I should point out that even if you get rid of the hum
in this set, you won't be able to receive these people on the previous

Tubes and parts for this and like equipment can be had quite reasonably at
Antique Electronic Supply in Tempe, AZ, 800-706-6789 or 602-820-5411.

Or see the Usenet group


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