[TowerTalk] Re: TopBand: Re: Sloped Beverage Terminations

Charles H. Harpole harpole@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 10:13:21 -0400 (EDT)

Ok, Tom and others:
I read in Low Band DXing and here on reflector, and elsewhere, about
Beverages.  But within all the theory and wrangling, I still have not
found an actual "build it this way" detailed instructions.  Here is what I
would like:  
1.  just how long should it be (not in wavelengths, not in meters, but in
gud ole American FEET) for 160 meters????
2. what should be on the far end?  a carbon resistor?  or what? and of
what wattage value?  and of what resistance value?
3. I can read the "4 to 7 feet in height" so I already have that, at
Please, somewhere in your sine cosine signs megasigns etc, please just
tell the appliance operators like me "How long, how terminated?" in
real-world feet, inches, and ohms.  Many thanks, K4VUD

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