TopBand: Non Inductive Resistors

km1h @
Fri, 05 Sep 1997 13:15:51 EDT

I have been paging thru the new Newark catalog and came across a few
interesting items that are "new" to me.

Ohmite 50 and 100W non inductive resistors, including 50 Ohms. The caveat
is that they give an inductance rating!  That would lead me to assume
that they are not  HF RF rated but maybe for LF, audio and switcher
supplies. Anyway the 50W is rated at  0.8uh and the 100W at 1.6uh.
Has anyone experimented with these at HF, tuning out the XL, etc. ? The
prices are a reasonable $9.19 and $16.81 respectively. 

The other item were non inductive Cermet power resistors by Spectrol.
They are available in 500, 1K, 2K Ohm, etc and rated at 20W. Also rated
at 1KV and 5KV dielectric strength. Made for PS use and the
"Telecommunications Industry".
 Again probably not RF rated but just maybe useable as Beverage
terminators with a simple capacitor tweak. At only  $1.25  each they may
be the answer to blown 1 and 2W carbons from static and coupled RF from
the TX antenna. 

73...Carl   KM1H.    

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