TopBand: ZK1XXP

George Guerin
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 11:44:09 -0400

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     On 22 Sept. 97 they went from 40 to 160 at 1200 zulu and started 
     working 5's and 0's up about 5 khz.
     This morning, 23-9-97, at 1000z they were on 3510 and were still there 
     at 1200!
     The signal on 80 was decent, so if 160 is open we should be able to 
     hear them bare foot.
     VK6HD worked W8JI about 1115 near 1831.  Mike was just audible here on 
     my 70 - 250 deg. two way beverage.  I heard him peak a little later, 
     but he didn't come back to my call.
     Jim's idea of getting them up earlier would be great.  Also please 
     tell them to get on 1824 or higher as the John Deere net runs on 1823 
     LSB until at least 1100z and we do not want the QRM on their signal 
     from SSB or the reverse QRM from accidental non-split callers.
     Thanks a lot,
     George, K8GG

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Subject: TopBand: ZK1XXP
Author:  Jim Henderson <> at BC_INTERNET
Date:    9/23/97 12:56 PM
Jim Henderson wrote:

        He showed up late (too late for east coast again) on 1822 with a
weak signal. Had several takers from TX theu CA listening up only 1 khz. A 
cluster spot quoted him saying on 3795 he lost amp, maybe no 160m; but he 
was there.
        He must be hearing OK as I got him with 100w.
        If I get the chance on a hgher band, will again suggest he try
earlier for east coast sunrise.
73 de Jim, KF7E
Jim Henderson
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