TopBand: I've used the key!

Mike Sloan
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 21:47:20 +0100

Thank you all for the nice welcome and I will be sure to listen for the
West Coast as well.  Hi!

Flexed the wrist, pounded away this evening (not too fast)and lost my
sidetone!! The relay really clatters on the Titan so I think I know what
I was sending.  Anyway, the houselights were dimming in time with the
key. (Only joking!!)

My very first CW contact back in the sixties was with JA1CK and it was
only when he kindly QSL'd that I realised that he was really JA1CKE.
Sent another card, altered the log. A bit like that now!!

Listened for Paul, VK3AJJ this evening on 1828 (sorry Paul, lost your
email address) and had my first CW QSO's for about twenty years. Worked
a couple of EU stations but listened very hard for VK.  Happy of course
to work anybody and it will be more fun when the speed comes back.

Used and old shareware copy of Geoclock and wonder if it was ever
upgraded or if there is any other similar program. Hope to listen
Saturday and Sunday mornings and guess I should stay somewhere between
1830 and 1835. 

Kind regards es Best 73


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