TopBand: Short single EWE antenna

Dennis G. Peterson
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 14:53:10 -0600

Does anyone have the article or the magazine where it first
appeared regarding the EWE antenna for 160 meters.  I was also
wondering if there are tests to prove the antennas working
ability on RX only or to check it for F/B when one end is
terminated?  My current EWE is 10' up @ 35 degrees NE by 50 feet
long and 10 feet down @ 215 degrees SW and terminated this end to
a 1.2K ohm resistor to a 4 foot ground stake.

Would like to know what I should and or should not be hearing off
the terminated end and how much of a signal I should have on the
directive end.


de K0CKDennis

Dennis G. Peterson
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