TopBand: 9M0C Operating Plan

Bill Tippett btippett@CTC.Net
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 17:25:26 -0500 (EST)

        Looks like the 9M0C guys are on 160.  FYI, here is the 
operating plan I sent G3XTT before they left.  Hope we have some
decent propagation and all are able to work them!

                                        73,  Bill  W4ZV

160 operating plan:

Sunset 1030 until 1530  -  Listen on the 30 degree antenna and alternate
between JA and USA QSX frequencies.  PLEASE BE DILIGENT in starting at your
sunset each day.  In 1985, VU4GDG (Andamans) worked across the USA from W4
to W7 during an opening which began at his sunset and continued for only
about 30 minutes after his sunset.  This was the ONLY such opening so please
don't miss the one day it might occur.  As you listen, also check your 165
degree antenna.  SOMETIMES there is a long path opening to Midwestern and
Eastern NA which occurs about 30 minutes before our local sunrise.  This is
quite common on 80 but I know that it also exists on 160.  The 165 degree
antenna would also be very useful to your 80 meter op for the same opening
so you may want to arrange a way to split or share this RX antenna.

1530 until 2145  -  Listen on the 315 degree antenna for Central/Western
Asia and Europe.  Also alternate working JA's on the 30 degree antenna
and Oceania on your TX antenna.  You should have very good luck with EU
especially with your good TX and RX antennas.  

2145 until 2300  -  Continue with Europe but try an occasional "QRZ NA".
Since VE1 sunset is at 2143, you might begin to hear VE1ZZ either on a
skewed path over Europe (on your 315 degree antenna) or on true long
path (using your 200 degree antenna).  There is no way to predict whether
this path will be skew over Europe or long path.  Your operator will
just have to listen and be alert.  It would help if Europeans would tell
you "QSX NA" to alert you if they hear NA calling.  This opening is brief,
completely unpredictable and difficult, but it IS possible and more common
than we previously believed, so make the best of it.  BTW, this path is also
very common on 80 and your 80 meter op should be able to work deeper into
NA than W1/W2 which will probably be the limit on 160.  Again, you may want
to arrange to split or share the 200 and 315 degree RX antennas with the 80
meter operator.

2300 until 1030  -  160 operator sleeps while the sun shines.

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