TopBand: Beverages and fences

Larry Molitor
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 23:05:53 +0100

My thanks to all who replied to my question about beverages and fences.

Several folks suggested putting the wires above the fence and in the fence.
Let me clear up a few points. The fences in question are not mine. If I had
a 600 foot run  of fence, I wouldn't have the problem. Also, these wires
are in addition to loops, EWE's, and dipoles.

The wire I will run is #26 PVC jacket stranded and the jacket is the same
color as the dirt. I hope it's good camoflage. The wire's will have to run
more or less parallel to several neighbors fences, behind their properties,
on a narrow stip of public access ground. The aerial photo of my QTH that I
have on my web site shows a canal along one corner of the property. The
space between the fence line and the graded road on the canal bank is where
I hope to place the wire.

"Gain" is not a problem as I have good, low noise figure, high intercept
point preamps to take care of low signal levels.

I think  I have enough info now to make a good fist pass at the
installation, hopefully it will also be the last pass. However any further
comments would still be appreciated.

Thanks & 73,

Larry - W7IUV

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