TopBand: Titanex Verticals and RX Antennas

Bernd Koch Bernd Koch <>
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 09:49:55 +0200 (MET DST)

Hello Topbanders,

we have good news about Titanex Lowband Antennas!

1) Titanex Lowband Verticals

The Expedition versions of our Titanex Lowband Verticals are now available
with a maximum tubing length of just 2m (6.6ft.) instead of 3m and a
shipping length of only 2.1m (6.9ft) instead of 3.1m! That makes the
transport to your DXpedition destination much easier in the future! We
want to promote louder DXpedition lowband signals by using our verticals! 

The V160E (E for Expedition) has a height of 26.7m (87.6ft.) and a weight 
of only 7.5kg (16.5lb.). It covers 160, 80 and 40m.

The smaller V80E has a height of 20.5m (67.3ft.) and a weight of only 
6.5kg (14.3lb.).

Remember the loud lowband signals of VK9CR, VK9XY, C56CW, FW2OI, S21XX,
P29VXX, DL7DF/HR3, K7K (Kure), T31BB, 9M0C (Spratly), TJ1GB, ZL7DK,
YJ0ADJ, FO0FI/FO0FR, 3B7RF and many others who all used Titanex Verticals. 

Check out

for a complete overview.

2) Titanex Selective Lowband DX Receiving Antennas SES

The design of our new Selective Lowband DX Receiving Antennas continues
with a good progress. We now want to to announce the SES 160, SES 80 and
SES 40. The antenna consists of two small center-loaded phased vertical
dipoles on a long boom. They are optimized for high S/N- and best

               SES 160          SES 80           SES 40
Boom length:   10m (33.3ft.)    6m (20ft.)       4m (13.3ft.)
F/B:           25dB             25dB             25dB
Weight:        13kg (28.6lb.)   7.5kg (16.5lb.)  6.5kg (14.3lb.)
Bandwidth:     40kHz            50kHz            1000kHz

The antennas will be available as separate antennas or as add-on-/
upgrade-kits to the other SES antennas in these combinations:

               160 & 80, 160 & 40, 80 & 40.

The computer design even showed a much better performance on 160 than on
80! The antennas go into production in fall this year. The first ones
will be installed at DF3CB, DJ8QP and ON4UN for field-tests in different
environments. The price for these antennas is pretty high due to the used
expensive aluminum-titanium-alloy and the specially manufactured vertical
dipoles but they are regarded as an almost equal replacement to beverages
or EWE antennas! 

Check out

for a more detailed description.

3) Titanex Log-Periodic Antennas

Also check out our Log-Periodic Antennas. Our latest model is the DLP 22 
- a 22 element low-weight wire Log-Periodic covering 3.5 to 30MHz! It uses a 
shortened dipole on 80 and 40.

A new catalog is available in both English and German language but you
will find all antenna specifications, pictures and sketches complete and
online as well on the Titanex homepage at:

73, Bernd, DF3CB.


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