Thu, 09 Jul 1998 02:04:31 PDT

Greetings to everyone!.  Please allow me to introduce myself -- I am Ian 
Godsil VK3DID and I have just joined this reflector.  I am an interested 
160 metres operator, but without a particularly good antenna system for 
this band.  Suburban back yards do have their limitations!! My QTH is 
the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

I am also WIA Federal Contests Co-ordinator for VK, so I post here now 
details of our Pacific 160 Metres Contest for 18 July, 1998.  If 
conditions are right, please give us a call. We are waiting to hear from 

It is possible that you already know about this from Steve VK6VZ.  If 
so, sorry for repeating and thanks to Steve.

Many thanks and 73 de Ian VK3DID

Pacific 160m Contest (CW/Phone)
0700-2330z Saturday, 18 July 

This contest, slightly enlarged this year to include all Pacific 
Islands, is scheduled for the third Saturday of July each year. The 
objective is for ZL, VK and other Oceania stations to work as many local 
and overseas stations as possible on 160m. Stations outside Oceania are 
encouraged to participate and may work any Oceania station, but not each 

Sections are CW, 'Phone & SWL (all single operator). Exchange RS(T) plus 
serial number. Stations should claim one point per QSO with their own 
call area,  two points for other call areas in VK or ZL, three points 
for other Oceania stations and five points with non-Oceania stations. 
For VK & ZL entrants, if the number in your callsign differs from your 
actual location, please follow your callsign with the appropriate number 
to indicate your location.

The multiplier is the  number of ZL & VK call areas worked, plus the 
number of OTHER DXCC countries worked. Final score equals total QSO 
points times multiplier.

Certificates will be awarded to the top-scoring stations in each 
section, in each call area of ZL & VK and in each DXCC country.

Send your log, signed summary sheet and any comments to: Ian Godsil 
VK3DID, 25 Monaco Street, Mentone, 3194, Australia, to be received by 17 
August 1998.  Logs on 3.5 inch disc in asCII, or to e-mail 
<>  gladly accepted.

With many thanks,   73  de    Ian  VK3DID

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