TopBand: LZ 2 CJ WPX CW contest result

Valeri Stefanov
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 01:24:48 +0300

Hi All ,

Finally we are back on THE BAND.
I have not been able to take part in the contests for last
couple of years due to many reasons.
My phased verticals and beverages are not up any longer for
last few years at my country side QTH.
So I decided to do it another way this time and to see if I
could have fun on the BAND as in the past.
For this year WPX CW I went up on the mountains - at 960
meters above sea level. I have got my modified IC- 721 and
200 m wire with me. 
I have heard in the past that the beverage antenna could
also be used as a transmitting antenna and I have used my
beverages by mistake couple of times as TX ant at my
regular QTH ,but this was the first time to operate in a
contest with beverage as TX ant during the whole contest.
When I came to the cottage in the montain, I have realised
that the highest possible attachment point for my 200 m of
wire was just about 12 - 15 m high. So first  40 - 50 m of
this wire were slooping from 15 m high to 4 m high ( tree )
and rest 150 m of wire were running at just 4 m over the
ground to another tree.
With 100 W from IC 721 and this antenna I was able to make
203 QSO's / 138 multipliers and 61 272 points.
I worked 10 DX es - IH9/OL5Y , P3A , RK9CWA , 
UA 0 MF , UD6M , RN3R, RA 0 FA , JY8B , 3 V 8 BB,
IH9/ OK5DX .
The best shots were of course UA0MF and RA0FA.
For many years in the past I have used beverages at my
regular contest QTH and except for the NW direction I have
tought I have had one of the best reception locations in
Europe. I have also several times operated 160 m from LZ9A
location. My location is just about 100 m above the sea
level and this of LZ9A about 650 m above sea level.

When one says the location is the most important thing for
low bands DX ing he is damn right. I have never had such a
reception capabilities before as at this place high in the
mountains. Even with the modest rig what my IC 721 in fact
is I have heard at least another 100 stations which were
not able to hear me due to the low power and unusual TX

I am expecting now my FT 847 ordered a month ago to come
these days and I hope I could be able to obtain until the
end of this year a TITANEX 160 m vertical.

So , see you all in the next big one !


Wally - LZ 2 CJ

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