TopBand: 1830-1840 AM BCB QRM

Tue, 14 Jul 1998 08:08:22 -0400

Looks like we are on the right track. Larry K5OT e-mailed me and said he
could hear American Airlines Dallas-Ft. Worth airport flight information
transmitter on the frequency range mentioned, and that it was jumping
around. WD4JRA John said he is pretty sure he heard it briefly several
months ago.

Larry gave me the fundamental (1640 kHz), and this morning I was able to
get a perfect audio match with the wandering parasitic!

I'm not sure if American owns the transmitter or not, but would like to
find a technical contact at American Airlines Dallas-Ft. Worth. Larry is
working on that, but additional help or information would be appreciated.

73 Tom

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