TopBand: 160 Antennas

Bill Hohnstein
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 19:16:54 -0700

It's the northern hemisphere's Topband Dog Days of DXing and my yearly
MF/HF radio sabbatical has begun.  I've started work on changing the
method of feeding my grounded-base driven element tower.  I'll be
adding about 350 feet of 1/4" copper tubing to it for a monopole feed.
And, I just received 4400 feet of PINK Beverage wire (the RF should be 
better attracted to the more colorful Beverage wire [and the deer say
four hoofs up!]).
I recently received another batch of QSLs from the DX bureau.  To
provide some summer fill I thought that I'd make another list of the
topband antennas used by the people who sent cards.  Unfortunately
(like me), a lot of the stations with the better signals/antennas
didn't list what antenna that they were using.

 Country      Power    Antenna

Hungary        100     Vertical
Switzerland    500     Vertical
Switzerland    500     Folded Umbrella
Switzerland    750     Dipole
Crimea         100     Longwire
Germany         75     Vertical
Germany        100     Inverted L
Germany        SWL     W3DZZ
Germany        750     17M Vertical
Slovak Rep     300     Dipole
Sweden        1500     Inverted L
Sweden        1500     1/4 Wave Vertical
Belgium        100     Wire antenna
Austria        SWL     15M Longwire
South Africa   400     Shunt Fed Tower
Virgin Is      100     All Band Dipole

73,  Bill     K0HA

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